For Arrowmen

Jumpstart OA

This web site has been designed specifically for you!

A new member of the Order of the Arrow. We’d like you to get off to a good start, so we’ve gathered the information you’ll need to be successful and put it online – where it’s easy for you to access.


Troop/Team Representatives

The Troop/Team Representative acts as the liason between the Order of the Arrow and the unit. To find out more about this position, cick the link above.


For Chapters

The COG or Chapter Operations Guidebook

Filesize: 1,364 KB

The COG, filled with helpful tools, resources, and more will help your Chapter reach its full potential and deliver a quality program to your members! All chapter officers and advisers should have a copy.


Advising the Chapter Chief

Filesize: 34 KB

This document is to provide a method for building a working team

of chapter leaders. In addition, it provides for advising chapter officers on:
  • Their goals for the year and how to achieve them
  • The role of the chapter in the Order and the lodge
  • Their specific duties as chapter officers
  • Procedures for working with the council and lodge


Advising a Dance Team

Filesize: 36 KB

This document is to provide a method to coach the chairman and

advisers of the Indian Dance team on:
  • The role of the dance team within the lodge
  • Constraints on dancing within the Order
  • Working effectively with other lodge leaders
  • Coaching dance team members.



For Lodges

Lodge Leadership Development Planning Guide

Filesize: 148 KB

This book provides information on planning and carrying out a good Lodge Leadership Development program.


Journey to Exellence 2012 Guidebook

Filesize: 511 KB

This guidebook was created specifically by the Western Region as a replacement to the Quality Lodge Guide to assist Lodges in understanding the new Journey to Excellence program and how best to develop a plan to achieve their new JTE goals!


Producing a “Where to go Camping” Guide

Filesize: 5,766 KB

This guide provides information on how your lodge can prepare it’s own “Where to Go Camping Guide”. This manual provides details on the purpose of a guide, typical contents, planning the guide, gathering information, organizing the guide, and much more.


Lodge Community Service Guide

Filesize: 420 KB

This guide provides information on how your lodge can plan, mobilize, and deliver a quality community service project.


Advising the Lodge Chief

Filesize: 28 KB
This document is to provide a method for the lodge adviser and chief to discuss:  
  • What the chief wants to do in the coming year including initialplanning
  • His relationship to council, section, and national operations
  • His specific duties as chief.


Advising the Lodge Secretary

Filesize: 30 KB

This document is to provide a method for advising the lodge

secretary on his:  
  • Duties as a secretary
  • How to take minutes
  • Support of other lodge leaders
  • How to work with the council
  • On his goals and how he fulfills them.


Advising the Lodge Treasurer

Filesize: 31 KB

This document is to provide a method for advising the lodge treasurer on his:

  • Principles of lodge financial operations
  • How to handle funds, records, etc
  • Working with the staff adviser, council bookkeeper and other relatedstaff.


Advising Elangomats

Filesize: 52 KB

This document is to provide the Ordeal master a method for

coaching elangomats and related lodge leaders in their tasks at the Ordeal.


the Lodge Advisors Handbook

Filesize: 2,826 KB

The Lodge Adviser’s Handbook provides helpful tips and pointers for both new and experienced lodge advisers.